Shape Up Across Oregon



Teacher Tips - Curriculum Comments

•  Certain grade levels/classes study the state of Oregon in Social Studies. Use the
    mileage logs to give them perspective on location of cities and geographical landmarks.

•  Shape Up helps students understand the relationship between nutrition and exercise as
    well as calorie intake and output, or energy in and energy out.

•  Using Google Earth we added the total class miles then pinpointed what city we reached     around the globe.

•  Incorporate and have kids log what they ate, how many calories, food groups     etc. It was one of my favorite units to teach!

•  We had PE focus weeks:
       Week 1: Jumping into Shape Up (jump ropes)
       Week 2: “Dancing with the Stars” (music and exercised videos)
       Week 3: “Tennis Anyone?” (tennis skills)
       Week 4: “Jog Around the Clock” (training for our jog-a-thon)

•  Kids learn to work on their cardio-respiratory endurance while participating in Shape Up.


Shape Up Across Oregon
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