Shape Up Across Oregon



Teacher Tips - Managing Shape Up

•  Every day or week, depending on age, remind kids that the most segments they can
    mark in one day is 3!

•  Students who were very committed made it across in 2 weeks and began traveling back.
    For those kids, split the boxes on the maps in half so they can mark the additional boxes.

•  Set it up so that everyone can succeed. Walking for some kids will get their heart rate up
    as much as soccer will for another.

•  Remember that kids can count PE, after school and weekends.

•  When all staff members participate, including office and custodial, Shape Up becomes a
    challenge for everyone as well as a focus across the curriculum.

•  Kids can color the segments in different colors to distinguish the type of activity and
    show how many segments or blocks of 30 minutes they were involved in it.

•  Some students loved keeping tally marks on the back of their log to show the different
    activities they were doing and how often.

•  Fill out the maps in class so everyone one gets to see them posted all over the room.
    This helped motivate the students to exercise more.

•  Depending on your students:
       o  Keep logs in notebook
       o  Post logs on gym/classroom wall
       o  Use check off sheet for parent signature along with log       
       o  Remind to record in log weekly or daily

•  I buy enough little prizes so I can give one to everyone in my class who completed.

•  Keep track of total minutes exercised by the extire student body and watch it grow daily.
    Think of the math you can have fun with! Multiples! Primes!

•  The students are very excited about our school-wide contest to guess the number of
    miles the sixth grade teacher will walk at outdoor school. The closest guess receives a
    school sweatshirt.

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